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'Symbolise' App Concept

The concept behind this outcome is to explore how activism can utilise the power of icons, symbols and indices as well as observe the theory of semiotics. The idea for the outcome is to explore both the creation of symbols and how they can be applied to the context of activism in a successful way. This project has a collection of outcomes that spawn from the main product which is an app concept dedicated to creating and sharing icons, symbols and indices for activists and movements.


The Symbolise. app is designed for activists and designers, letting them both create their own visuals or pitch a brief to designers to create one for them. The app concept is an amalgamation of both content creator apps and social media apps, acting as both a tool for the user to create symbols as well as a way of sharing these symbols and spreading awareness of different movements. The app is dedicated to signs specifically, being both informative on the three types of visuals in the context of activism and also the components of how to create a successful sign. The sharing aspect of the concept is important in reflecting the theory that symbols are to be repeated and learnt as they need to be recognised to gain their associated meaning. Alongside the main application concept are three posters featuring a symbol, an icon and an index which acts as both promotion for the app as well as promotion for the movement they each represent.

Tags : Brand Identity, App Concept, Poster Design

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