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'Our.' LGBTQIA+ Brand Concept :

The purpose of the 'Our.' brand is to help aid the issue that there is a lack of education for and about the LGBTQIA+ community in schools and society in general. Due to the UK being a ‘heteronormative’ society, the education system has failed to provide adequate education to LGBTQIA+ about relevant topics to them such as; queer sex ed, the history of the community, its culture and also current affairs. Despite some progressive changes in the education system in the UK , there simply still isn’t enough meaning another generation are going into the world blind of proper LGBTQIA+ related knowledge.


The concept behind ‘Our.’ is to help fill in these gaps in the education system, being a new source of information that a young queer person can look at for guidance and also entertainment at the same time. ‘Our.’ is a brand that provides informative media to a 15-19 year old audience in various formats such as; a bi-monthly printed A5 zine called ‘Our. Zine’, a podcast called ‘Our. Podcast’ that runs alongside the zine every other month, and also a live podcast event called ‘Our. Event’. ‘

Tags : Brand Identity, Publication Design

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