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Hi-NRG Vinyl Collection

This collection of designed elements were created with the intention of representing the Hi-NRG micro genre in the form of a vinyl cover and other related products. Hi-NRG is a micro genre of uptempo disco or electronic dance music that originated in the U.S during the early 1980s. The fast tempo genre was totally reliant on technology and was all about “unfeasibly athletic dancing, bionic sex, and superhuman stamina”. Its intentions seemed to be a literal escape from human embodiment and synchrony with technology. The music had a large cult following among LGBT club-goers in the 1980s as it embodied LGBT visibility.


The two chosen tracks included in the vinyl record, encompass the common themes of eroticism and sexuality as well as the surreal visions of the future. With technology being one of the key influences, it was important that the collection included technological features. The inside of the large 12 inch cover includes a net for a DIY virtual reality headset which the consumer can construct themselves at home.

Tags : Packaging, Brand World, Typeface Design

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