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Duolingo 'Write Your Future' Campaign Concept 

This multi channel Duolingo campaign is a collaborative project I worked on with an advertising student at university for the 2021 D&AD competition brief. The campaign that would run around London aims to open the eyes of young people and see learning languages as a stepping stone towards any future they want. The campaign would show that, if learning a foreign language is adopted by young people globally, no matter what financial or economic background they come from, their generation will have the world at their feet.


Write Your Future is a multi-channel campaign, allowing participants to consider what aspirations they have, and how learning a language can elevate this. The ads are strategically placed to capture the attention of a student on their school commute, or someone on their way to work, at bus stops and tube stations all around London. The 48 sheets encourage participants to take a picture of the ad, then use their smartphones to fill in the gaps with their desired ambitions. Adshels around the station will explain how to upload the image to Duolingo’s socials, and exemplary fill in the gaps run alongside, for inspiration. Interactive adshels placed at bus stops allow you to use the touchscreen to fill in the gaps and write your future, letting you upload it straight to Duolingo’s social media pages, whilst you wait for the bus. The #WriteYourFuture campaign utilises social media, having various social pages dedicated to the campaign, displaying the results of the audience’s fill in the gap participation as well as a fun career based Instagram filter.

Tags : Advertising, Branded Campaign 

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