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Queer Family Fund

Working in collaboration with the creators of Rat Party and The Blacker The Berry, we developed the Queer Family Fund. This fund was created as a way to direct money towards the QTIPOC (Queer, Trans and Intersex People of Colour), Gender Variant and Sex Worker communities; primarily for those needing help financing transitions and/or housing. For this venture I created some promotional material for the fund with the visuals being based on a specific brief for the visual identity from the other collaborators. The imagery and colour scheme they asked for were intended to reflect the idea of community and support as well as being fun and eye-catching. The visual identity I created for this was inspired by 80's punk zines and posters as these were prevalent parts of queer history. For the fund I also developed a symbol that represents it, using the silhouette of a family home and the stems of the gender symbols.

The fund is an ongoing project that will be there to support the community. As the fund is new, and currently small, donations will primarily be going to those that are members of the aforementioned communities based locally/within Leeds.  and @theblackertheberryproject , 

Tags : Brand Identity, Social Change, Campaign

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queer idea 3.jpg
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