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Casa Cantarella Branding

I was asked by my client to create a brand for the property in Italy. The family house was passed down through generations and is now being turned into a business as a rental property. My client wants to build and expand the brand of Casa Cantarella with this branding to be used for various contexts ranging from social media to produce product labels. The property is located in a national park in southern Italy, specifically a town called Pollica. The region that the house is in is famous for its diverse landscape combining mountain and sea. Casa Cantarella is marketed to both young professionals as well as families from major cities across Europe.


This new brand identity for Casa Cantarella is a fun mixture of traditional and modern styles, reflective of the property it represents. The design

of the logo includes a geometric modern style illustration of the property. This icon depicts the house, the sun shining, the rolling mountains it is situated on. A serif typeface compliments the modern style icon, creating a contemporary mix of modern and traditional styles. The logo works best when accompanied by the vibrant colours of the colour scheme inspired by the house.

Tags : Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brand World

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