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Fun Junction - Elevating Existing Brand World

I have been doing freelance design work for Fun Junction, a UK based play centre. The goal for this work was to elevate their existing brand and refine some of the brand identity in a more professional and considered way. This established brand already had a distinct visual identity however they wanted my help to push it further by including a bespoke character mascot that would represent the company and be featured on various branded content such as their website, posters and leaflets. Fun Junction is a play centre that is themed around driving and road safety therefore they requested a character design that would fit into this theme as well as the brand identity. The client had envisioned a child friendly traffic cone character, inspired by one they had seen on a TV show. The client wanted paper spoke mascot, various variations of it in different poses and also a version that had the character imposed onto their current logo.

I have most recently done a full revamp of their existing leaflet. For this work I aimed to reflect the distinct brand identity that was already established, however in a simpler and more consistent way. This folded A3 leaflet needed to include extensive amounts of information for the customers, being one of the key ways the company gets party bookings. To create a clear distinction between the text elements I created text boxes inspired by UK street signs.

Tags : Brand Development, Illustration

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