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Rusholme Ltd Rebrand

I was asked to do a rebrand for the consultancy company Rusholme Ltd, tasked with creating a new brand identity with a new logo, colour scheme and branded assets. I focused on the concept of building and growth, using curved geometric shapes to communicate this. Following on from their previous branding, they wanted the designs to be fun and approachable yet professional. The colour scheme was inspired by their previous colours, opting for deep purples as the main with a blue accent colour. It was important to the client that the colours weren't too feminine or serious, so I went with a cooler toned purple that is dynamic when used in different contexts and shades.


The logo is an abstract 'R', using geometric shapes to construct it, allowing for the logo to be used in both static and moving image easily. This distinct identity has also been further developed for the rest of the outcomes such as the business cards, website concept and digital content.

Tags :  Brand Identity, Social Media

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