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Able Makeup - Gender Neutral Cosmetics

The brief for this project was to create a gender neutral  makeup brand, inspired by research into the effects and impact of gendered design in the context of branding for health, self care and beauty products. Gendered design and branding is a design trope used repeatedly by mainstream brands as a way of targeting their audiences and having a larger market to sell to. This however leads to divisions, with consumers having to abide by the binary of gender roles and subsequently alienating people who don’t fit the typical target audience.


There is a lack of mainstream gender neutral brands in the industry and for that reason this project aims to fill that gap in the market. The goal for the brand was to be visually appealing to people of all genders and also be conscious of the typical stereotypes used in gendered design. It was important with this that the work was ethical and conscious about the context of gender as this is large topic with a lot of sensitivity. 

Tags :  Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Social Media

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