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Catsup Poster For Oripeau

The poster intends to visually communicate the ridiculous fact that ketchup was once sold as a legitimate form of medication during the early 1800’s. The composition is designed to be a rectangular crop of a typical first aid instruction sign, following the typical style. Ketchup pills are such a ridiculous concept and the poster emphasises this with the fact that the pills are being promoted as a solution to saving someones life.


The rectangular (175cm X 91cm) poster depicts a six step process that follows a person being saved from an unconscious state by a woman providing them with a large dose of ketchup pills. The numbered frames include small illustrative components that serve the purpose of making the steps more defined for the viewer. The illustrations are also intended to be humorous to emphasise the ridiculousness of ketchup being used as medicine and the often dramatic poses used in first aid instructions. The cropped first aid sign simultaneously works as an advertisement for a pill brand, ‘CATSUP INSTANT’, taking inspiration from mainstream product advertisements. This promotion is a jab at the way things are sold in modern society, with products being sold on so many platforms a clear example being social media adverts promoting ridiculous weight-loss products. 

Tags : Poster Design

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