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Hatch - LAU End Of Year Show Branding Concept

For this project I collaborated with one of my peers to create a branding concept for the Leeds Arts University End Of Year Show 2022. We created a dynamic, multifaceted brand identity which we pitched to the University's marketing team. The concept behind this branding was to visually communicate the ‘hatching’ and emergence of student potential, as creative individuals, from their respective points of learning. Using line extensions from the LAU logo gave us a geometric grid system that we employed throughout the branding within the formatting and shapes.


We aimed to create an experience that breaks free from the static, digital confines of working over the past few years. The goal is an immersive and engaging in-person experience achieved through a mixture of print and digital outcomes, including moving image. The Hatch exhibition show includes the three levels of education; Undergraduate, Foundation and Extended Diploma, inclusive of all courses - something we highlighted with the visual identity. 

Tags : Branding, Poster Design, Motion Graphics

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